Aquatic Plant Ion Uptake Process

The table below shows the concentration of some ions in pond water and in the cell sap of some aquatic plant growing in the pond

(a) With a reason name the process by which each of the following ions could have been taken up by this plant
i) Sodium
ii) Potassium
(b) i) Which ion would cease to be absorbed if the plant was treated with a metabolic poison?
ii) Give a reason for your answer
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(a) i) Diffusion; movement of solute molecules from high concentration to low concentration
ii) Active transport; movement of solute molecules from low concentration to high concentration / movement of solute molecules against a concentration gradient
(b) i) Potassium ion
ii) Metabolic poison stops respiration/energy production which is needed for active absorption of potassium ions
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October 02, 2023

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