Factor Investigated in Photosynthesis Experiment

In an experiment to investigate a factor affecting photosynthesis, a leaf of a potted plant which had been kept in the dark overnight was covered with aluminum foil as shown in the diagrams below.
Factor Investigated in Photosynthesis Experiment
The set up was kept in sunlight for three hours after which a food test was carried out on the leaf.
(a) Which factor was being investigated in the experiment?
(b)Which food test was carried out?
(c) i)Sate the results of the food test.
ii) Account for the results in (c) (i) above.
(d) Why was is necessary to keep the plant in darkness before the experiment?
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(a) Necessity of light in photosynthesis
(b) Test for starch /starch test/starch/starch.
(c) i)the covered part of the leaf remains brown/yellow /retains the colour of iodine and the uncovered part turns to blue black.
ii) Starch was formed in the uncovered part (due to exposure to light) but no starch was formed in the covered part /due to lack of light.
(d) To destarch the leaf /prevent it from making starch /ensure o starch is in the leaf
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October 03, 2023

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